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Ali Hassan

Hello, folks. I’m Ali and I’m a sophomore from Karachi, Pakistan, majoring in mathematics. I’ve just started as a multimedia assistant at BC-Now! and I’m lovin’ it. When I’m not analyzing complex mathematical models to prevent future financial meltdowns, I enjoy writing and producing videos on a plethora of topics. I started the video club at my high school and have been hooked onto non-linear video editing ever since. I’m also interested in swimming, modal jazz and when I have the precious opportunity to do it, sleeping. The story of how I ended up at BC-Now! is intertwined with the story of how I got to Berea.

During the summer of 2008, I worked on a documentary highlighting violence against women in Pakistan. One of the ideas that surfaced during brainstorming sessions was to do an exposé of different organizations around the globe working for the betterment of women. Many sleepless nights and a poorly worded Google search brought me to the New Opportunity School for Women in Berea, and inadvertently, to Berea College. Many grueling application essay drafts and a couple of coin tosses later, I found myself at the College. Subsequently, when I heard about an opportunity to work as a multimedia assistant, I jumped at it. I feel that my passion for moving pictures will find the nurturing and the avenue of expression that it needs at BC-Now! Plus, the wonderful coworkers are a pleasant bonus as well.

I would eventually like to pursue my doctorate in either Information Forensics or Cryptography and work for the FBI. World peace will follow thereafter. First things first, though – making sure I get seven convocations this semester.

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