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Maggie Hess

Maggie Hess was raised on a tobacco farm with a barn, a creek, and a beautiful view in Southwest Virginia until the age of four when she moved in to her family’s new urban homestead in Bristol, Tennessee.  “I have always been a writer,” declares Maggie with a smile on her face.  Last year Maggie worked at BC NOW! in the news writer position which she is excited that she will continue to hold this year.  Developing writing as a theme of her life, Maggie is an English major with a concentration in Writing.  

She has had her poems published in internationally recognized magazine, Friends Journal, and has received numerous awards for poetry and essays.  Maggie was one of the Spring 2010 honorees with the May B. Smith English Composition Award.  Former Maryland Poet Laureate, Linda Pastan, awarded Maggie the Leidig Poetry Prize at her first college, Emory and Henry.  Though she has enjoyed all of her college experiences, Maggie is gleeful that she transferred to Berea College last fall.  In her spare time, Maggie likes walking, swimming, drinking chamomile tea, and meditating at Quaker Meeting.

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