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Marcus Plumlee

Welcome!  You have found my little abode nestled under the hilltops of BC-Now! (You can’t say BC-Now! without some measure of excitement; it’s built right in!) My name is Marcus Plumlee, and I am a freshman here at Berea. I am a potential major in some subject to be determined, which is to say, I am undecided. My hometown is Augusta, Georgia, and it is to this land I hope to return after my whirlwind education at Berea and BC-Now!

Back in Augusta, I went to John S. Davidson Fine Arts School for my middle and high school years. My concentrations were in music (I have played violin since the age of six) and writing.

 I was an assistant editor for Davidson’s annual literary journal, the Ampersand, in my sophomore year, and editor-in-chief for my junior and senior years. I also wrote freelance for the Downtown Augusta publication, Verge, promoting local artists and events to the downtown community. In my senior year, I had my short story, entitled “Kate”, published in The Inkling, an annual literary insert for Verge. “Kate” is the story of a time- and space- traveling woman who finds a long-forgotten red dress of hers while cleaning, and reminisces about her travels with her father and with her blue-skinned, four-armed alien ex-boyfriend, Quoppe.

Although Berea and its quirks are new to me, I already feel at home, and I very much look forward to living and learning in this town for the next four years. Berea is a supportive, tight-knit community that encourages diversity, achievement in the arts and academics, and responsible, sustainable living. I have made friends here, and although it is early on, I can tell the Berea friends are lifetime friends.

I enjoy many kinds of music. I enjoy listening to many kinds of music on my quadruple functioning record/CD/radio/mp3 player. I enjoy playing my violin, as well as reading and writing great works of poetry and fiction. My favorite poet is Billy Collins, my favorite musical artists are Radiohead and Regina Spektor, and my favorite comic strip of all time is Calvin and Hobbes.

Stay classy.

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