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Megan McIntyre

My name is Megan McIntyre. I am a sophomore at Berea College and hope to be a general Music major with a Vocal emphasis. I’ve been writing creative stories since my late preteen years. An interesting thing to know about me is that I am attending Berea at the same time as my mother, Debbie McIntyre, who actually worked for BCNow! her first year. She has since moved to writing feature stories in the Alumni Magazine. The summer 2010 edition has a feature about her son, my brother, with autism and another boy. In the article is a picture of the family that I am actually in.

My future goals at the moment are uncertain. I want to be a mom some day and I want to have a really steady job too. The plan is for the job to come first but everything is completely up in the air. I have a lot of options and plenty of time to decide.

I love mystery, drama and action books, drawing, design, cooking, and dancing. I hope to become a regular member of the Berea Country dancers someday. Cupcakes are awesome!

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