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Shannon Lee

Hello =) My name is Shannon and I’m from the coast of Mississippi. I consider myself  a beach girl. I live and breathe the coastal lifestyle. I love the ocean and I feel like I can never get enough sun. Unfortunately, though, I was forced to move up into the mountains and now I reside in Kingsport, TN. Some basics about me: I like video games, dressing up, the show Bleach. I’m a fat kid on the inside. I absolutely canNOT stand the smell of baby powder and I’m on two Berea dance teams (E.Y.C.E. and BMED). My major is biology with an emphasis on pre-dentistry. Needless to say, I want to become a dentist and make lots of money cleaning people’s teeth.

    Like most of the people working here, I have some background in media design, photography, and creative writing. I adore doing all three, so I’m not sure which one is my favorite. In any case, these are the reason I feel like I’m going to love this job because it seem to encompass all three. I can’t wait ‘til we get the ball rolling.  

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