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Syeed Siddique

I am Syeed, a news writer in Public Relations and have been working in this department for more than one and half years now. Other than working, I am majoring in Applied Science and Mathematics and Business administration with a double concentration in Finance and Management.

My life is driven by the motive that living a simple or certain life is easy enough for anyone, but taking risk of failure is what defines the difference; life would seem really small if it means to abide by the system. And so, I often find myself chasing the uncertain future and the impossible goals.

I enjoy spending time alone while being quiet to observe the things around me. When I am not spending time alone or chasing my goals, I socialize while trying to limit myself to have few friends to maximize the bonding of friendship but I am still very friendly and respectful to others. I know it’s easier said than done but I try to live a life where I will be able to always forgive others and not judge them for what they do. Among everything else, I live in my way.

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