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Hardworking Students Receive Recognition

The evening before Berea College's Labor Day brought recognition and thanks to several students who exemplify Berea's creed of "Learning, Labor and Service."

Megan Naseman accepts the Outstanding Student Employee of the Year Award.

Before the students were honored, alumnus Jarrod Brown, '04, took the stage in the Commons at Woods-Penn to deliver an enthusiastic and stirring speech that praised students for being adept in not only their labor position but also in juggling their time and commitment to classes and extracurricular activities. He also encouraged students to see the dignity in what they were doing - putting themselves through college and being self-sufficient. He left students with the request that they respect their labor choices as much as they respect their class choices.

Assistant to the Dean of Labor Lesia Holder and Workplace Development Associate Darlene Stocker gave out the various awards. The awards were decided by a panel of eight anonymous faculty and staff members who sorted through and reviewed all of the nomination letters.

The William R. Ramsay Horizon Award, named for Berea's former vice president for planning and policy analysis, was given out for the first time this year. This award honors Ramsay's vision of labor and learning at Berea College. It recognizes a first year student who enthusiastically embraces the labor program as an integral component of Berea's mission and whose work demonstrates great potential for the future. The recipient of this award was Sara Timberlake, who was presented with a copy of Shannon Wilson's book "Berea College: An Illustrated History."

Patrick McGrady received the Julia and Norbert Stammer Appalachian Service award. The award is given to a student who has rendered outstanding service to Appalachia in his or her labor assignment at the Appalachian Center, Students for Appalachia or the Appalachian Museum.

On winning his award, McGrady said, "I am happy to receive the award because service to Appalachia has been a strong component of my labor during my fours years at Berea. I feel extremely blessed for this honor and I hope that it continues to be a motivator in my life."

This year's Labor Supervisor of the Year was Loretta Reynolds of the Campus Christian Center, who was moved to tears upon hearing her nomination letter. She was nominated by her student workers, who described her as being "caring" and "always there."

“I love my job," Reynolds said. "The student chaplains, all RAs, Collegium and Campus Ministry provide a valuable service to this campus; I am proud to be one part of an amazing team. It is an honor and a blessing to work with such talented and dedicated people. I want to say a special thank you to the student chaplains - working with you is the biggest and best prize of all!” The Labor Supervisor of the Year award was presented in the form of gift certificates, plaques and labor lrogram pins.

Berea College's Outstanding Student Employee of the Year is evaluated on reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism and uniqueness of contribution. The winner is also eligible to receive honors from the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA) Student of the Year Awards at state, regional and national levels. This year's winner, Megan Naseman, also won the MASEA award and Student Employee of the Year for the state of Kentucky.

"I was honored that faculty and staff from different departments collaborated to write my nomination," said Naseman. "I believe that sustainability is a tremendously multi-faceted issue and effective outreach needs to be broad; the group nomination made me feel as though I had gotten that message across."

Below is a complete list of this year's Labor Awards recipients.

Building Care Award: Art Building, received by Sarah Rodrian

Photo Award: 3rd place – Tenzin Namgyal; 2nd place – Tyler Castells; 1st place – Michelle Towles

Danforth Creative Effort Award: 3rd place – Caitlin Malone; 2nd place – Dia Berend; 1st place – Sara Elliott

Raymond B. Drukker Memorial Award for Library Service: Lindsey Hagedorn and Melissa Caddell

Wilson and Ellen Best Evans “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” Award: Caitlin Malone

Food Service Special Award: Joseph Watson

Richard T. Hougen Hotel Management Award: Angel Willis and Rabecca Hichilo

Gladys Jameson Accompanist Award: William Ton

The Anna Mae and Phyllis Shumaker Award: Krum Georgiev

Margaret G. Nursing Award: Andreea McClintock

Dr. Russell I. Todd “Wise Use of Leisure Time” Award: Dia Berend

Julia and Norbet Stammer Appalachian Service Award: Patrick McGrady

The William R. Ramsay Horizon Award: Sara Timberlake

Sarah Fuller Smith Loom Award: Molly Barnett

Volunteer Service Award: David Milley

Outstanding Supervisor of the Year: Loretta Reynolds

Outstanding Student Employee of the Year and MASEA Kentucky Employee of the Year: Megan Naseman

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