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Water Damages Office of Special Programs

An Easter surprise awaited personnel at the office of special programs as a water leak on the third floor of the Bruce Building soaked ceiling tiles, warped wood flooring, and destroyed two computer monitors on the second floor.

Sherry Bosch and Mai Yang clean up

The leak apparently occured sometime on Easter day and affected more than a third of the space occupied by the office of special programs. Work being done on the third floor offices of the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good program may have contributed to the water leak.

While staff and students have been busy with the cleanup efforts, Sherry Bosch, elderhostel and event coordinator, says the office has nearly returned to normal operations.

"I went home yesterday feeling totally exhausted both mentally and physically," says Bosch, "but today is a much better day especially since we have new tiles above us, and it looks 100 percent better than yesterday."

No estimate for the damage is currently available, but staff members credit the quick actions of facilities management workers, who moved equipment and saved personal belongings, for limiting the damage.

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