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Naseman Named Student Employee Of The Year

Senior Megan Naseman is no stranger to being in charge. Not only does she serve as the leader of the four house residents in the Ecovillage's SENS house as a labor supervisor and house coordinator, but she also helped Berea College begin its own chapter of Roots and Shoots, a program that helps children learn about the environment, animals and the human community. After all her hard work and dedication, the Anna, Ohio, native is being recognized as the Berea College Student Employee of the Year as well as the Kentucky Student Employee of the Year through MASEA.

Megan Naseman pauses during her busy day for a photograph.

MASEA (Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators) is a non-profit organization of administrators and counselors from post-secondary institutions who are involved in securing employment opportunities for students. Naseman, who is an independent major focusing on Outdoor Education, was both surprised and honored by the award.

Dr. Paul Smithson, Teri Williams, Connie Briggs, Richard Olson and Tammy Clemons nominated Naseman for the award based on her level of reliability, initiative, professionalism and quality of work as well as her willingness to collaborate effectively with other. Naseman was also recognized for being open and friendly to anyone who approaches her.

"Megan is a pleasure to work with because she is punctual, organized, efficient and does what she says she will do," her nominators wrote concerning her dependable nature. "She has demonstrated consistent reliability in her many projects and initiatives, can always be counted on to complete projects, and is committed to the follow-up process. In her weekly half-hour meetings with her supervisor ... she is always well prepared, with each of her projects organized for ease of discussion. In the weekly all-hands meetings at the SENS House, she is never late or distracted and serves as a positive influence when conflict arises. Megan never needs repeated reminders about tasks that need to be done - if it is in her schedule book, it will be done."

Naseman also has no trouble with completing tasks and getting various projects going. "'Self-starter' is almost a cliché these days, but there is not a better description for Megan," her supporters write. "Besides optimizing and monitoring SENS House functions, her primary duties include outreach to the campus and broader community. She maintains networks with HEAL, CELTS, the Residence Life Green Team, the Sustainability Coordinator’s office and other campus entities. Simply keeping up with all the people involved is a task in itself, and Megan has done a superb job in keeping all parties, including her labor supervisor, up to date."

"We consider it a privilege to work with Megan Naseman as a colleague," they finished. "She has taught all of us at least as much as we have taught her, and she has done it with humor, cheerfulness, optimism, enthusiasm and effectiveness. Rarely have we had the opportunity to work with someone of her caliber."

After leaving Berea, Naseman is looking to keep her options and eyes open for groups and organizations that just may need the professionalism, creativity and warmth that she can provide. "My most important post BC plan is to continue to be grateful and joyful," she said. "My more concrete plans are to go home for the summer and then work with Lutheran Volunteer Corps for at least a year. I will be living in Seattle, Wash., working in a candle and paper-making workshop with L’Arche. L’Arche is an international organization that works to include adults with disabilities in community living. Eventually, I’d like to be an outdoor educator, but am in no hurry to settle into any one career."

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