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Faculty Election Results Are In

The election results from the April 8 faculty meeting have been announced.

The election was held to fill ten faculty member positions open on the Executive Council. The faculty members selected are as follows:

Bob Hoag - Faculty Liaison to the Board of Trustees (three-year term)

Meta Mendel-Reyes - Academic Program Council (three-year term)

Joy Hager - Faculty Status Council (three-year term)

Bob Hoag - Faculty Status Council (three-year term)

Ed McCormack - Faculty Status Council (one-year term)

Gordon McKinney - Faculty Status Council (Fall Term 2004 and Short Term 2005)

Mike Panciera - Executive Council (one-year term)

Dreama Gentry - General Affairs Council (three-year term)

Chris Thomas - Student Life Council (three-year term)

Dwayne Mack - Student Life Council (three-year term).

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