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Academic Awards Banquet Recognizes Students

More than 150 students were honored during the Academic Awards Banquet on April 13.

Matthew Turner, senior religion major

Awards for theatre performances, summer sustainable living programs, and everything in between, were given to students who have shown academic excellence. The awards ranged from $50-$4,000, proving that education does pay - in more ways than one.

In addition, several community members and families were recognized for making these awards possible. The Power, Nelson, and Hawk awards are a few that represent the many gifts that donors give to Berea College each year.

This awards banquet is important to Berea College because it is a time for academically successful students to be recognized for their dedication. “We do this to recognize the hard work and dedication of the students here at Berea College with excellent academic histories," says Connie Gardner, academic services office manager.

Matthew Turner, senior religion major gave the speech at the banquet, where he addressed the biblical story about the city of Berea and encouraged attendees to become better community members by serving others.

The banquet is held annually and the winners are selected by their department or through responses to inquiries requesting poetry, essays, or art projects.

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