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Online Degree Audit Program Assists Students

With the click of a mouse, students can monitor their academic progress.

Degree Audit, a new program on Berea’s website that assists students and their advisors manage progress toward degree completion, provides a history of courses taken and compares that history with degree requirements in a student’s major.

With the world becoming more technology-driven, this program will serve students at all times of the day, negating the need to work around an advisor's schedule. The program is available by logging on to

Joe Bagnoli, associate provost for enrollment management, says the program has been in development for months. “The idea has been around for some time. It was originally proposed by individuals that no longer work for the college, but over the last twelve months Pam Thomas, Pat Black, Connie Gardner, and Melinda Brown worked with me to program and test the tool,” says Bagnoli.

Although this is proving to be a useful tool for students, Bagnoli stresses that students are still required to have regular meetings with their advisors because some classes can only be substituted manually and not through the Web site.

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