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Berea Forum Explores the Muslim Faith

Berea College Muslim students explained the essence of the teachings of Islam at the Berea Forum on Tuesday April 13.

The panel of Muslim students, Kumba Janneh, Aladdin Al-Haddad, Aly Diakhate, and Nazar Rusli, current president of the Muslim Student Association, presented to more than two dozen attendees who learned about the stuggles of being Muslim at a time when many view the faith negatively due to radical factions involved with terrorism.

"It wasn't easy," said Muslim international student Aly Diakhate. "It is hard for a Muslim to live in the United States." The way of Islamic life can and does interfere with everyday American living from money loaning to praying five times a day, but Diakhate says Berea College has helped Muslim students adapt to American life. "Berea has been very understanding," said Diakhate. "They do a lot of effort and they do help."

Many of the issues discussed by the panel included the teachings or "pillars" of Islam, which bind more than one billion Muslims throughout the world. The "pillars" of Islam explain the signifiance of fasting from sunrise to sunset for thirty days, sharing one's wealth with the needy, and praying.

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