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BC ''Casts'' a Wider Net for Online Listeners

Podcasting, a relatively new form of internet “radio” is now a new way for Bereans to stay tuned to Berea College happenings and issues. - Listen to the Berea podcast!

The next episode of the Alumni Podcast airs Thursday, October 11

A podcast, in simple terms, is an audio show that can be downloaded or listened to online. Created by Adam Curry, a former MTV video host, podcasts were originally meant for people who owned the Apple iPod--this is where the term "pod" cast originated from. Now, however, all it takes is an internet connection and speakers for Web surfers to listen to their favorite broadcasts.

The alumni podcast, produced by Public Relations Communications Manager Jay Buckner, and hosted by Troy Price, a ’92 Berea College alumnus, was created to communicate with alumni and current students. “We started the podcast as a way for us to digitally shake hands with our alumni and have an online reunion, sort of a big electronic get-together,” said Buckner. The idea originally came from Price who is a veteran podcaster and volunteers as the show's host.

The podcast, set to launch its fifth episode on Thursday, October 11 at 8 p.m., is pulling in hundreds of listeners. Currently, the show is hosted on the TalkShoe Web site, and is broadcast live once a month with the audio available for download shortly afterwards. Listeners are able to interact with the host and fellow listeners through TalkShoe’s chat software or by calling in to the show. To participate in the show, free TalkShoe software must be downloaded. For those only wishing to listen to the show, no download is needed.

The fifth installment of the Alumni Podcast will feature the inventor of touchscreen technology, Dr. Samuel Hurst, a ’47 graduate. The podcast will also feature Jim McWhorter, an ‘07 graduate who just days after graduation began managing Web sites at a major university.

To download the TalkShoe software, click on the link below.

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