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American Brass Quintet Blows Berea Away

The quintet performed at the BC convocation on April 15.

The American Brass Quintet plays in the Phelps Stokes Auditorium

During the covocation, the group played several pieces, including "Morning Music" composed in 1986 by David Sampson. This piece was written as a gift for the American Brass Quintet and Sampson's teacher Raymond Mase, a trumpeter in the group. The subject of the piece is the murder of Sampson's brother by the Klu Klux Klan in 1979.

The quintet, composed of Raymond Mase (trumpet), Kevin Cobb (trumpet), David Wakefield (horn), Michael Powell (trombone), John D. Rojak (bass trombone), and guest organist Timothy J. Brumfield. The Quintet have been playing for 43 year, though this is their first visit to Berea College. During their visit to the college, the quintet devoted some of their time to aiding musicians at both the college and the Berea Community School.

Berea is just one stop on their world tour, which has included concerts in Iran, Brazil, and South Africa.

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