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Berea Dances Brings Dance Groups Together

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Students Jackson and Scurlock finish up their duet.

Students and families flocked to Seabury Center for a night of diversity in dance at Berea Dances, a program that spotlights the various groups and classes in the dance department. This was the twelfth year for the show.

Several groups were on hand to thrill and impress students. The Danish Gymnastics Club got the show going with their flips, tumbles, twirls, and vaulting while the audience looked on in awe. The Swing Dance Club kept things lively as they “shim shammed” across the floor. The Country Dancers took things back a few years with three traditional dance pieces involving bells, sticks, and smiles. F.Y.A.H brought heat to the audience with their shocking pink jumpsuits and sassy attitudes.

Braulio and Rachel Trost flirted their way into the audience’s hearts with a salsa duet. The Modern Dance Troupe performed their piece “Studio Ritual” with precision and heart as they “warmed up” onstage. With flash and hip shaking, the Middle Eastern Dance Club charmed spectators, while Valton Jackson and Karissa Scurlock brought tears to the eyes of some with their duet to the popular song “Apologize.”

The African Student Association Dance Team brought out the drums and rhythm with their series of dances in their “Traditional Mix.” Berea’s new step team, E.Y.C.E, rounded out the evening with a fiery, yet childish, performance titled “Rugrats,” which brought several people to their feet.

The various dance groups were well rewarded for their hard work and dedication with support and thanks from their peers, professors, and dance instructors. Please visit the dance department’s homepage for more information on the various programs Berea College has to offer.

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