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Passion, Treachery and Ambition at BC

- View scenes from Julius Caesar.

The play will run until Nov. 17.

The Berea College Theatre Laboratory continues its 2007-2008 production season with a modern take on William Shakespeare’s powerful Tragedy of Julius Caesar, which opens in McGaw Theatre Nov. 9. Performances continue through Nov. 17.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is among the most well-known of Shakespeare’s plays, often read in high schools throughout the country. Some of the most infamous lines, “Et tu Brute,” and speeches, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears” are included in this play that Shakespearean scholar Harold Bloom describes as “So well made, so apparently direct, and so relatively simple.”

While the play is set in today’s time, it is still inclusive of Shakespeare’s language and poetry even as it places itself in a modern setting. Without using red state and blue state maps and contemporary political rhetoric, the themes of the play are recognizable and create sharp reflections of our own society. Director Deborah Martin suggested the play because of its contemporary resonance. “We are inundated with commercials, road signs and news stories about the election of local officials, governors, senators, representatives and President,” she states. “The central question all voters are asking in this volatile time is, ‘How will we be governed?’ It’s the same question Brutus and indeed all the conspirators ask before making their deadly decision.” Junior film major and thespian Wesley Gift said, “Deborah Martin has designed a unique production of Julius Caesar that will surprise you and leave you amazed.”

Performances run November 9, 10, 14-17 at 8pm in the McGaw Theatre. Tickets range in price from $5 to $10 and can be reserved by calling the Berea College Theatre Box Office at (859) 985-3300, Monday through Friday, 1-5 pm. Admission for Berea College students is pre-paid as part of their student activities fee, but reservations are required. Convocation credit is available for this production.

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