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Green Never Looked so Good...

College Square is always aglow with the holiday spirit this time of year. It's impossible for visitors and students alike to miss the enormous pine tree that stands tall in front of the Boone Tavern Hotel.

The giant tree towers over College Square, in front of the Boone Tavern Hotel.

The green giant measures 60 feet tall and 45 feet wide. Every year the facilities management team descends onto College Square to decorate the massive holiday decoration. The tree, decorated just before Thanksgiving, is adorned with 2,500 white lights, Mountaineer inspired silver and blue bells, and a handmade star.

This year, facilities managment has opted to try something a little different, yet still inspirational. Because they are committed to being more sustainable on campus, the team has replaced the regular Christmas lights with a new and improved LED (light-emitting diode) version. “The LED bulbs use 90% less energy and will last 30 times longer than the regular incandescent bulbs before having to be replaced," said Jeannie McConnell of facilities management. McConnell continued, “Our goal is to bring together similar minded people to work for the common goal of making this campus (and the world) a safer, greener and better place to live.”

Students, Faculty, and staff who want to follow facilities management’s lead and buy LED lights this holiday season can find the environmentally friendly lights at most hardware and warehouse stores.

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