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Chill Out and Vote!

Once again, Berea College has entered the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) “Chill Out” amateur video contest on popular video website The videos focus on ways colleges and universities are addressing global warming on their campuses.

Huffman and Lee, stars of "Doin' the Green Thing" ponder the ways BC helps the environment.

Berea’s entry, “Doin’ the Green Thing,” was created by Public Relations students Kina Huffman and Justin Lee—and is both informative as well as entertaining. The video was made in cooperation with the Ecological Sustainability Education Department (ESE), and features two of Berea’s rising stars: “Mama Kina” and “Big Juicy” in their debut performance.

While the video alone is creative enough to bring home the cash prize and warrant it being shown on the nation-wide NWF Earth Day webcast in April, “Mama Kina” and “Big Juicy” still need your help. Click on the link below that will take you to the Chill Out group on youtube. Log in to your youtube account, or create an account, and vote for “Doin’ the Green Thing.” Winners will be chosen based on a combination of votes, views, and the NWF's judging criteria.

Help Berea College win by spreading the word around to friends and family. Every vote counts, but keep an eye on your calendar—voting ends on January 31, 2008.

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