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BC Plates Hit the Road

Berea College, along with 19 other non-profit, independent four year colleges and universities in Kentucky, will soon be with you wherever you may roam—on your car’s license plate.

BC's license plate will be available in January of 2008.

Beginning in January of 2008, the new license plates will be available through all Kentucky County Clerks offices for January birth month renewals and new issues. This is the first time that member schools of the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU) have been able to design their own license plates. The plates were designed by the individual schools in an effort to increase awareness of independent higher education in Kentucky, as well as to raise money for student scholarships. A portion of the cost of the license plate goes directly back to the campus to support student scholarships--$10.

In past instances the tags have proven popular, raising more than $129,000 through 2006. The plates are also a source of friendly competition between the schools who have begun calling it the “battle of the bumpers.” AIKCU expects the new plates will arouse student interest and participation in the competition, with the end result being more money to support students.

In 2002, AIKCU released a series of plates for independent colleges, but due to various regulations, the plates all contained the same backgrounds and coloring—schools were identifiable by their logo stickers and mottos.

The plates will cost $44 upon issue. This includes the $10 for student scholarships. Renewal is $31 in subsequent years. The plates are unable to be personalized at this time.

For more information, please visit the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet by clicking on the link below.

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