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BC Students 'Focus' on Sustainability

This past January, Berea College hosted an event called “Focus the Nation,” which aimed to further develop and expand sustainability, not just on campus, but in surrounding community.

Located in the Woods-Penn commons, many students and Berea citizens alike turned out for a nationwide initiative that is advocating an issue that has always been a crucial one at Berea. The perimeter of the Commons was covered by booths that featured information from such wide-reaching groups as Oxfam to close-to-home shops and buildings such as Berea Bikes and the Appalachian Center.

In the center of the room, however, open discussions were led by speakers about how sustainability could improve here in Berea. Subjects that were touched upon were the health hazards of plastic bottles, global warming and tips for energy conservation that were written on large easels up front. A few tips included:

-Consolidating trips
-Employing solar heating of water
-Use of rain barrels
-Native landscaping

One of the many students present, freshman Rebecca Roscoe expressed her concern for the issues at hand and their implications for the future. “I support sustainability,” she said. “Not a lot of people are aware of it, so it’s important that they’re doing something like this.”

Also, many signs were up supporting new events that also urge students to participate more in sustainability in Berea. These events included “I Love Mountains Day" on February 14, a day of visits to legislators in Frankfort concerning issues of mountaintop removal. “Recyclemania,” which is a multi-month event taking place January 27th – April 5th was also advertised.

For more information on "Focus the Nation" and Berea's sustainability programs, please check out the links below.

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