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Peanut Butter and Gender: Hungry for Knowledge?

On Wednesday February 13 at noon both students and faculty gathered in Phelps Stokes for the latest installment of “Peanut Butter and Gender” titled “Race, Place & Resistance in Women’s Experiences of Intimate Violence: Stories from Peru.” This week the event was sponsored by the Women and Gender Studies Department as well as the Center for International Education.

Dr. Christina Alcalde talked with students about her presentation.

The discussion was hosted by Dr. Cristina Alcalde, a native of Peru, who is an assistant professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Kentucky. Her research prompted her to volunteer at a women’s shelter in her homeland of Peru--a shelter which is a private home that allows women to stay with them for a term of no more than fifteen days. While volunteering she met several women who impacted her emotionally and who she talked about to the full house of students and faculty.

Dr. Alcade's presentation focused on racism as a cause for domestic violence. She hypothesized that the indigenous women who married men from Lima often experienced racial violence while in that relationship. She spoke of how women who come from the surroundings of Lima are looked at as "lesser humans" because they are indigenous. One example Dr. Alcade spoke gave was a of teacher who was left destitute when her husband left her for a “clean” Lima woman.

All of the other women Dr. Alcade spoke of were married with children and faced verbal abuse everyday because of their race and heritage. One woman’s husband forced her to cook for him at all hours of the day and night. Another faced a husband who forced her to stay in her indigenous garb while living in the city. These women also endured physical and sexual violence.

Peanut Butter and Gender offers students and staff a casual atmosphere to learn about global gender issues. The lunch time series has brought in speakers from across the community, country and world. Lunch and knowledge are served in Room 205 of Phelps Stokes.

For more information, please visit the link below.

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