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Cutchin Receives Watson Fellowship

For the 16th year in a row a Berea College student has received the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.

Kelly Cutchin is the recipeint of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

Kelly Cutchin, a senior with a double major in German and Sustainability and Environmental Studies was the recipient of the fellowship, which will allow her to travel abroad to study. Cutchin will travel to South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, and Japan to complete an independent study on "Traditional Buildings and Their Application to Modern Ecological Design."

The Watson Fellowship awards $22,000 in annual grants to selected college graduates, allowing them to pursue a study abroad. The fellowship was founded in 1961 by Mrs. Thomas J. Watson, in honor of her late husband as a charitable fund. In 1968, in recognition of Mr. and Mrs. Watson's interest and dedication to education and world affairs, their children decided to set up the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Program. Since then, the program has awarded more than 2,000 students with approximately $24,812,000.

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