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The Results are in…

Jazzy Nights, an annual tradition here at Berea College, serves as a contender for one of the most popular dances of the school year and is hosted solely by the Student Government Association (SGA). Every year, more than a hundred students gather for the spring dance which marks the conclusion of the SGA elections. At midnight, as tradition dictates, the music and dancing is put on hold and the election results are announced. This year's race was close and intense, much like the announcement of the winners at Jazzy Nights.

Students enjoy themselves at the SGA sponsored Jazzy Nights.

At around midnight, current SGA executives Alex Gibson and Rachel Sanders took to the platform to announce this year’s SGA election results. Before proclaiming the respective winners, the pair took the time to state that the races were closer than ever before this year, and that some candidates won by a margin of only three or four votes. The official numbers will be released after the Senate approves the election results at Wednesday’s meeting.

The crowd was enthusiastic and at several points supporters were chanting for their candidates. The bottom floor of Woods-Pennimen was transformed from a dance club to a presidential caucus in less than two minutes. After Gibson quieted the crowd he ushered in a new year for the SGA. Beginning with the sophomore class, he announced the winners. For sophomore class president, Clifford Sakutukwa was elected, with his running mate Ahmad Shuja serving as vice president. Adam Sparks was chosen as the president of the junior class along Ellie Rung as vice president. Dilshod Yusupov was awarded the role of senior class president and Ruslan Petrakiev was given the title of vice president.

After the results for the class elections were finished, there was an eerie hush that fell over the crowd. To play off of the nervous tension, as well as the Hollywood theme for Jazzy Nights, Gibson drew out his announcement as if he were presenting an Oscar. Finally, after what seemed like a millennia, with bated breath and a smile, he began to give the results. The presidential candidates stood together, battling shaky knees and heavy hearts as they gripped the banisters tightly, and listened intently to every syllable issued from Gibson’s lips.

Woods-Penn has never been as silent as when the crowd of supporters and dance goers listened intently to hear Gibson announce that this was one of the closets elections in SGA history. The crowd roared once again and then were silenced as he introduced Tianna Williams and David Manly as the new president and vice president of the SGA.

The winner, Tianna Williams is a peace and social justice major, an active officer in the SGA for her entire tenure here at Berea College and is the first female president in five years. Her running mate, David Manly is a junior international student from Sierra Leone and has been majorly involved in the Fair Trade initiatives taking place throughout Berea’s campus.

BCnow will be completing a profile piece on the new executives Tianna Williams and David Manly which will be published in the coming week.

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