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Empty Bowls Filled With Hope

Lines in food service are one thing… but lines to get into Woods-Penn? Over two-hundred people lined up to wait for the doors to be opened for Empty Bowls on Monday April 28th, 2008. Students, faculty, and staff all purchased their ten dollar tickets to gain entry into this up close and personal opponent to hunger.

Students lined up to recieve their handmade bowls and homemade soup and bread.

Empty Bowls is a national annual event that works to end hungry in the community as well as globally. The premise of Empty Bowls is simple, someone attending pays ten dollars for a ticket; this buys them a handmade ceramic bowl to take home with them, as well as homemade soup and bread. After getting food people gather around and eat family style while discussing hunger. When the bowls are empty they represent the hungry that is felt through the community and the world.

The One Campaign “has committed itself to one person, one place, and one time to making a world a better place” stated Bianca Poa who was volunteering at the table with Arlett Franco. Franco stated that empty bowls helps to “bring awareness to the hunger situation in the world as well as in our local community and the one campaign helps to meet that goal.”

Students, faculty, and staff came out in drones for the occasion and were very impressed with the event. “I came last year and I think it is a good cause to help feed others in need” stated Junior, Kaia Goodwin.

Debra Bulluck was the coordinator for the event, which is part of her labor position. She states that Empty Bowls is one of the favorite parts of her job. “It is great to see all the different people coming together to support the hunger awareness in the community.”

The event raises not only awareness but money for local food banks as well. Last year with tickets and extra bowls being sold the program raised over $2,900 dollars. The coordinators estimate the same monetary gain this year. The placemats also served as a reminder to the goal of the event. “Every time you see your empty bowl, be encouraged to do something about hunger” was boldly printed on the mats as well as the list of sponsors and contact list for those who wanted more information or to become involved. “The event would not have been the same without the handcrafted bowls made by students and Teresa Cole” stated Bulluck.

If there was anything Ms. Bulluck wanted the campus community to know about the event it would be “That they missed a fun event for a great cause… also that the extra bowls will be sold in the CELTS office.

This year there was a new twist to the program as well. The first annual soup recipe competition took place to choose soups to serve at the event. Sodexho donated broccoli cheese soup and there was a selection of soups from a multitude of regions and people. The winner of this year’s competition was Heather Schill, Coordinator for Student-led programs, with a white chili recipe. Second place was Shirley Carlberg from development; and Ashley Cochrane who is the associate director of CELTS placed third. David McHargue and other Food service administrators served as judges for the competition.

The event was sponsored by the Berea College Ceramic Apprenticeship Program and CELTS. For more information on world hunger and the Empty Bowls Project, visit the links below.

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