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Oxfam and BC&T Celebrate

The new, official Oxfam group on campus recently held their first fundraiser on Friday May 2. Along with student performers, the open mic night offered up a theme of “coffee with a conscience,” which was appropriate for the venue chosen: the newly “green” Berea Coffee and Tea (BC&T). The two presidents greeted the large audience and welcomed them with huge smiles on their faces.

Student Taryn Henning is the new Change Leader for the Oxfam chapter in Berea.

Co-President Tonya Smith said “we are so amazed by the number of students coming out for this event. BC&T has graciously donated 25% of their profits to us tonight which is great, looking at the number of people here.” Smith, like her counterpart Taryn Henninng, is a freshmen and has donated a large portion of her year to the new club. She stated, “This is our first big event. I am so happy that it is going well.”

Henning found out some very exciting news just before the event began. The freshman had just been informed that she will be the new Oxfam Change Leader for the region. “There are around fifty Change Leaders every year” commented Henning. Change Leaders are trained in the aspects of the Oxfam initiatives, which include hunger and fair trade.

Berea Coffee and Tea was celebrating for its own reason that night as well. The shop had just turned two under the watchful eyes of its owner, Adam Walker. Since his ownership began, he has been taking major steps to help the popular coffee shop go green. “We are the first certified green coffee shop in the state of Kentucky,” said Walker. By conserving water and energy, recycling, composting, using biodegradable take out products as well as having 100% fair trade organic coffee, Berea Coffee and Tea has gone above and beyond the standards of "green" and set a new standard for fellow businesses on College Square.

Students were excited about both events as well. “I came here tonight to support the new green BC&T and to support Oxfam.” Anna Bracken commented while watching a student perform. Stacy Putchinski stated “I have been curious about fair trade for a while and I felt as though this was the best way to gain awareness about the issue while also supporting it.”

Throughout the entire night students performed songs and poetry and then the Oxfam groups would gave information about their club and the issues they address, their main one this year being fair trade.

In the end it seems like the first open mic night, “Coffee with a Conscience” was a great way to make students aware of Oxfam, the new green Berea Coffee and Tea and fair trade.

For more information about green restaurant practices or about Oxfam, please follow the links below.

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