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BC Baseball Racks Up Records

The 2008 season has been a great one for the Berea College baseball team, as the team has racked up a large amount of new records, both individually and as a complete group.

Even better than all the records being broken, however, were the Berea students honored as First Team All-Conference players. The students selected for All-Conference are:

Evan Ethington (Freshman) – Second Base
Jerrod Moore (Freshman) – Utility Player
Aaron Bee (Freshman) – Outfield
Dewey Williams (Senior) – Pitcher
Justin Ferrell (Freshman) – Designated Hitter

In addition, Freshman Jerrod Moore was included as a pitcher for the Second Team All-Conference, not to mention being named the KIAC (Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletics Conference) Co-Freshman of the Year.

However, the team as a whole was able to break new barriers as well, achieving nine new all-time records in the college’s history. As a team, Berea hit a record high 16 triples this season, as well as getting up to bat the most as well, reaching the extraordinary amount of 1,175 times. Other records that the players broke this season are:

Single Season At-Bats - Evan Ethington (148)
Singles in a Season - Evan Ethington (44)
Doubles in a Season - Jerrod Moore (12) TIED the record
Triples in a Season - Jerrod Moore (6) TIED the record
Total Bases in a Season - Jerrod Moore (77)
Most Runs Batted in a Season - Aaron Bee (40)
Longest Hitting Streak - Dewey Williams (13 games)

In response to such a busy season, Freshman and Berea College Second Baseman Evan Ethington said, “The season I thought went well. We were a very young team lacking experience and we were a little short on pitching. But now we have the experience we need and we have new arms coming in the fall. Things are looking much better for the ’09 season.” In addition, Ethington described his feelings on being selected as an honorary First-Team All-Conference player. “Being selected for the all-conference team is an honor and I’m proud to say that I, as well as 3 other teammates, were selected.”

Of course, with these numerous records being broken and the even more new talent coming in for next year, the forecast could not be better for the Berea College Baseball squad. They might even get to bat 2,000 times next year.

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