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Community Learns Planting in the BC Food Forest

On Sunday April 18, the SENS House, along with Susana Lein, a permaculture expert, presented a workshop on permaculture guild planting.

Participants working at the permaculture workshop

The term guild refers to the replication of benificial relationships found in natural plant communities of Kentucky forests. Most of the varieties of plants we used this weekend were similar to those you would find in the local forest, though many were cultivated varieties that will produce more food for residents of the EcoVillage and visitors. We had a great turnout and got many plants in the ground including berries (raspberry, strawberry, current, blueberry, cherry, juneberry, mulberry, and serviceberry) flowers, and many herbs and such comfrey, yarrow, sumac, echinacea, anise, dill, onions, garlic, goldenrod, fennel.

Permaculture, derived from permanent agriculture and permanent culture, is the design of environments for food, shelter, economic security and social well being that are locally self-sustaining—energy needs are generated, saved, wisely used, and recycled within the system. The Berea College Food Forest, located along Ellipse Street at the EcoVillage is a permaculture project with a design that mimics local Kentucky ecosystems and their system functions.

*This article was written by Katherine Maginel.

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