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Berea Goes Hi-def

Keeping Berea's image appealing, the public relations office has upgraded its video operations to HD.

This is just some of the new equiptment in the new studios

Walking into the video bay is now like walking into the ultimate techno-wizards dream. The bay is filled with all the necessities for producing high-definition videos, including new editing computers, cameras, and an eight terabyte (8,000 gigabyte) high-speed video storage system.

The equipment is used to produce college videos, including broadcast news packages that are delivered to the regional television stations.

According to Jay Buckner, communications manager, “The purpose for the upgrade is so that when newsworthy events take place on campus, the footage can be shown through television news stations.” While many local and national news networks and stations continue to upgrade their broadcasts to HDTV, Berea is at the forefront of having the capabilities to provide the stations with usable content.

Interestingly, the upgrade to HDTV is also more sustainable for the college since the new system is tapeless. The HDTV cameras record to special high-capacity flash cards and not to digital tape, which can degrade over time. The tapeless system also allows for a much faster and more seamless process of transferring video footage from the cameras to the computers where it can then be edited.

"Because HDTV footage is much larger- in terms of file sizes- than standard definition, it's strange to think that any step of managing HDTV footage would be quicker," says Buckner. "But, it is a more streamlined process because the HDTV footage is transferred to the computers instead of being captured in real time." This means that one hour of standard definition footage on digital tape takes one hour to capture it to the computer, whereas HDTV files are transferred to a computer in a fraction of that time.

The public relations office will continue to use its standard-definition equipment until it reaches the end of its serviceable life.

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