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New York Times Features Berea College

An article in the July 21 edition of the New York Times features Berea College's no tuition model at a time when tuition costs continue to rise nationally. Read the New York Times article.

Referring to Berea as an institution that provides the "best education that money can't buy," Associate Provost Joe Bagnoli, also an alumnus, was quoted in the article that featured Berea's no tuition model.

The article concluded with President Larry Shinn's comment that, "... the public has a right to demand that our educational mission be at the heart of all our expenditures."

As a result of this article, Berea has been inundated with other national media outlets requesting interviews. FoxNews will air a live interview with Joe Bagnolli and student Enchanta Jackson at 5:50 on July 22. This will be available at sometime after the broadcast.

Jay Buckner, communications manager at Berea, was interviewed by the international Voice of America radio program, which will air a report on July 23. Provost Carolyn Newton, Joe Bagnoli, Enchanta Jackson and alumni members Alex Gibson and Rachel Saunders have been interviewed by The Independent newspaper in the United Kingdom.

"Opportunities like this with national and now international media are the big prize we are always working for," says Julie Sowell, news and information manager. "When media outlets run with our story we know that others are realizing what we already know.... that Berea is an amazing college like no other."

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