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Klezmer Mountain Boys Perform for BC

The Klezmer Mountain Boys had the BC students and community dancing in the aisles of Phelps Stokes Auditorium on April 22 at the convocation to honor the 2004 graduating seniors.

Klezmer Mountain Boys played Klezmer music.

The Klezmer Mountain Boys featured Klezmer music from Eastern European Jewish bluegrass music. This type of music is traditionally played for celebrations and weddings that last for days. John Crowden thought it appropriate to invite the Klezmer Moutain Boys to perform for the senior convocation. "It's the almost over convocation, honoring the graduating seniors," commented Crowden.

The musicians included Margot Leverett (clarinet), Kenny Kosek (fiddle), Barry Mitterhoff (Mandolin, guitar), Marty Confurius (bass), Joe Selly (guitar), and Rod McNurlin (singer and guitarist). Robert McNurlin was invited as a guest artist from Ashlin, Kentucky. This is the visit for the group to Berea.

The Klezmer Mountain Boys traveled from New York City to Washington, and then to West Virginia before reaching Berea.

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