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BC's New Atheltic Director

Mark Cartmill offers experience and confidence to help enhance Berea’s Athletic Department.

New Athletics Director Mark Cartmill

Mark Cartmill was recently appointed by the Academic Vice President and Provost as Berea College’s new Athletic Director. Cartmill brings with him thirty five years of experience in athletics; sixteen of those years he spent coaching men’s basketball and as the Athletic Director at Paul Smith’s College, and four as the Athletic Director and men’s basketball coach at the University of Maine at Augusta. Cartmill spent several years coaching at the College of St. Joseph in Vermont, and coaching and teaching on the high school level. Along with his hands on experience he brings with him a Coach of the Year award from each school.

The native New Yorker has spent the past few weeks getting settled in and preparing himself for work and activities here with the Mountaineers.

“Every day here has been an adventure, there’s always something new and fun,” stated Cartmill, when asked about his Berea experience thus far.

Cartmill is looking to make changes and address the areas that need to be addressed as he starts the new era for BC’s Athletic Department. “We’re looking to improve the liability of facilities, improving our athletic teams, working with and getting to know the coaches. Bring in new ideas for the Seabury center and programs,” he additionally added, when asked about his plans for Berea’s athletic program.

The new Athletic Director is expecting for the changes to go over smoothly, as he starts to work more closely with the Seabury faculty and the coaches. The only major adjustment that he is worried about at this point with his new position, is getting used to not coaching men’s basketball.

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