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Berea Students Freeze for Tibet

Last week, a whistle blew in the middle of Food Service at 5:30 p.m. The signal began a five minute “freeze” organized by the Students for a Free Tibet, or SFT.

The members of SFT were peacefully protesting political issues in Tibet. Students showed support by carrying or wearing Tibetan flags, or by wearing Tibetan- or SFT-related clothing. After learning about the FREEZE, students not affiliated with SFT joined the protest. When the whistle blew students stood frozen in place for five minutes until the whistle blew again, signaling the end of the protest.

This year, Students for a Free Tibet will be celebrating the 50th year since Tibet’s uprising. SFT is an international non-government organization which works in solidarity for Tibetan’s freedom movement. The group campaigns for Tibet’s fundamental rights through education, grassroots level organization, and non-violent action. Tenzin Jungney states, “Tibetans lack basic human rights like freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. We, as members of SFT, are going to continue our effort to bring more freedom and Independence in Tibet.”

“Freeze for Tibet is our first action of the year. The purpose of [FREEZE] is to revitalize the momentum which we gained last semester and introduce the existence of SFT in Berea college to many freshmen,” says Nawang Palden. There will be many more events like the FREEZE. To learn more about Students for a Free Tibet or about upcoming events, contact the co-presidents of the SFT, Tenzin Jungney or Tenzin Ngodup.

Students for a Free Tibet would like to extend their sincere thanks to the Food Service manager, David Mchargue, for allowing them to hold the event. SFT would also like to thank all the members and participants, and fellow Bereans for their cooperation and positive response.

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