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BC Faculty Travels Through Brazil

During the short term in 2004, five faculty members traveled throughout parts of Brazil, taking in the culture and land.

Four of the five faculty that travelled to Brazil in 2004

Rob Cornette, Gloria Johnson, Jan Pearce, Meta Mendel-Reyes, and Linda Strong-Leek, faculty members that traveled to Brazil, recently held a forum to present the cultural experiences they had while in Brazil.

The seminar given by the faculty members focused on political and social issues that Brazilians are facing today. Audience members were also provided with a chance to expereince Brazil through food and music in the style of Brazilian culture and a slide show of photographs taken by the faculty members.

Once under a dictatorship, Brazil's current form of government is democracratic. Last year, a leader of the worker’s party was elected president, providing working people with programs such as free health care. Despite the political changes that Brazil has undergone, Brazilians still face hunger, poverty, drug problems, industrialization, and social pressures that lead to deforestation of the rainforests.

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