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Ceesay Shows Super Soccer Skills

Ismaila Ceesay is the leading scorer on the men's soccer team. At 31 years old he is as fit (if not more so) as other players that are about half his age and he has an advantage in that he can dribble, pass and kick with either foot. He is so skilled, in fact, that he has managed to score six goals in the last eight games. “I have never stopped playing soccer when I wasn’t in school,”stated Ismaila.

Ismaika Ceesay kicking it up.

“He is a very skilled player by strength and experience,” remarked David Vaughn, men’s soccer coach. When he was just three years old, Ismaila began learning to play soccer with neighborhood kids in Gambia, West Africa. Later, he played soccer on school athletic teams and in a community recreational league.

Encouragement from previous Berea Soccer alums in his region, and knowing it was an action before a choice, he planned to tryout before arriving on campus. “It wasn’t even a choice, I just love the game and this is something I had to do for myself,” Ismaila explained.

While his non-traditionalism sets him apart from the team, Ismaila is patient . He has been in their place once and can understand what they are going through. When the whistle blows, Ismaila does what he is expected to do on the field.

“Ismaila is turning into a leader on the team because he does the right thing and his teammates listen to him. [Being] a first year player, a freshman, he is like another team captain, “Coach Vaughn illustrated

“[Ismaila] brings his experience to the field in a form that allows players to gravitate to his presence. His knowledge helps me often as a younger player to know and understand different aspects of the game that as a captain I need and am glad for. His field presence is positive. He allows and vocalizes in the games; tactics we [the team] don’t necessary think about. Overall, I think the team’s relationship with Ismaila reflects my thoughts of the relationship I have with him,” Captain Casey Ledbetter explained.

“I consider [my team mates] equal. I hope to conduct myself in such a way to be [perceived] as a role model,” Ismaila acknowledged.

The men respect Ismaila on the men’s soccer team because he is a family man and has more responsibilities. Although Ismaila misses a few practices to babysit his three children, it is apparent his game does not suffer on the field.

“I am happy to hang in the game and stay in shape. I don’t have goals to how many I can score. I want the team to perform better than they did [last year],’’ Ismaila declared. He is a valuable asset on the men’s’ soccer team.

To see Ismaila in action, check out the Mountaineer soccer team on the field all season long.

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