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David Holt & The Lightning Bolts Electrifies Audience

During the convocation on Oct. 16, David Holt and his group of amazing musicians and singers gave the audience everything they could have asked for and more. While keeping our ears delighted with folk music he'd picked up from many of his mentors and created himself, he kept our minds entertained with jokes and little tid-bits of advice.

Holt, a Grammy Award winner, isn't only great musician; he is also one of the nation's best storytellers recording many fantastic stories such as Spiders in the Hairdo: Modern Urban Legends, Why the Dog Chases The Cat: Great Animal Stories, and Stellaluna.

Known for his amazing playing skills around the world David Holt's band consists of other well-known, well-played individuals: Laura Boosinger (banjo), Josh Goforth (multiple instruments including the guitar and mandolin), Jeff Hersk (upright bass), and David Cohen (percussion).

The performance was not just a bunch of musicians playing away, though many of us would have been content with that experience such as Bryce Carlberg who commented, "Wow, they're good", but it was more of a participatory event with the audience clapping and singing along. Engrossed in his oratorical abilities, the audience remained entranced, laughing at all the key parts and singing along with vigor. An overall wonderful time!

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