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''Appalachia'' Comes to Berea

“For every person there is a place. For some people it is the desert. For others it is the seashore. For some of us it is the mountains,” said Jami Ross, producer of the soon-to-be released film series “Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People,” a documentary she co-produced with Ross Spears.

“How does land shape us as people? How does the land determine who we are as a community, as a country, and as a nation?” she asked while visiting Berea College in late Nov. during one of the first public viewings of the film.

The film explores the environmental history of the earth’s oldest mountains, the Appalachians. Narrated by Sissy Spacek, the four-part documentary features an all-star cast including Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist E.O. Wilson and best-selling novelist Barbara Kingsolver.

“Appalachia” explores the region’s natural history through millions of years and its intersection with human history of the region in way as never before seen. A production of the James Agee Film Project, the series had its world premiere in Knoxville, Tenn. Sept. 27. “Appalachia,” the first series about the history of the region to be viewed during prime time, will debut nationally in February 2009.

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