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Berea Weathers the Storm

View the video of the ice damage below. The college known for being green turned white and crunchy as a result of the '09 ice storm that felled trees on Berea's campus. Despite the obvious damage to campus and the disruption to the campus community, including students who rode out the storm in the alumni building, all is well again at Berea College, which is operating normally again after the ice's thaw and the electricity's return.

Ice brought down this tree in front of Woods-Penn.

Residence halls opened at 2 pm on Feb. 1. Students who have been staying with family and friends in the area are welcome to return at or after that time. Returning students must check in with their Collegium members on arrival. Halls are open for the Spring Term on Feb. 7. As planned, administrative and faculty offices opened on Feb. 2.

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