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President Shinn Goes ''One to One''

Berea College President Larry Shinn discusses the remarkable history and mission of the 153-year-old institution on this edition of One to One with Bill Goodman. Watch the video. (26:30)

Larry Shinn appeared on "One to One" on Jan. 4, 2009.

Shinn recounts how abolitionist John Fee founded the college in 1855, basing the institution’s goals on the biblical verse “God has made of one blood all peoples of the Earth.” Therefore, everyone, regardless of race, gender or class, was welcome to study at Berea. Shinn also describes the period in which Berea was required by law to separate the races and how the college currently strives to continue its original mission.

The college president then shares his own history. A first-generation college student with a rural background, Shinn attended a city high school with a large African-American population. He also spent time as a Quaker minister in the Middle East. These experiences, he says, taught him to appreciate all kinds of people and laid the groundwork for his career at Berea.

Shinn also discusses Berea’s commitment to Appalachia and Eastern Kentucky, including education and outreach programs; explains his belief that a liberal arts education is still valuable and globally relevant; and talks about the camaraderie of the diverse student population at Berea.

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