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Saul Williams Inspires & Challenges Bereans

The campus activities board served Berea College a special treat on Friday, February 20. Saul Williams an African American poet, actor, and musician performed in Phelps-Stokes auditorium.

Saul Williams

The concert was a mix between a question and answer session and performance. Williams wanted his audience to have the chance to get to know him and understand where he was coming from. “The best thing you can do when someone puts the mic up to you, is to speak the truth,” Williams said.

There was no lack of wisdom Friday night, as Williams shared with members of the audience. “There’s a reason why you nod your head to hip-hop. Right? Because its rhythms agree with your heartbeat,” said Williams.

Saul Williams has received several awards and appeared in several films such as SLAM. Williams is best known for his blend of spoken word poetry and hip-hop. Williams has written four books: “The Dead Emcee Scrolls: the lost teachings of hip hop, “ S/he, “,said the shotgun to the head,” and “the Seventh Octave.” Saul’s third album, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation Of Niggy Tardust, was produced by Trent Reznor, and released via the Internet on November 1, 2007. Williams released two other albums prior to his recent album: Amethyst Rock Star, and the self-titled Saul Williams.

The performance was not reserved for only Berea College students. However, fans from the surrounding area attended the concert. A large portion of the crowd remained afterwards in the hope of getting an autograph. Books were on sale in the lobby for ten dollars. Many Berea students took the opportunity to buy a book at the booth and wait for an autograph in the throng surrounding Williams.

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