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BC Hosts Spring Preview

BC admissions hosted its Spring Preview on campus April 16-17, to introduce the campus to a number of prospective students.

This weekend is important to perspective students when deciding on which school to attend. One student commented, “We really enjoy coming to see Berea for ourselves. Many colleges just send you a piece of paper, and call it a day. Berea goes the extra step and not only sends you out a piece of paper, but invites you to its campus to see for yourself and that is really important when decision time come up.”

Prospective students were given the opportunity to tour the campus and speak with faculty, staff, and students. The visitors were also introduced to faculty that oversee their intended area of study and were able to check out the many clubs and organizations that BC has to offer. To top off the weekend, students were able to experience Berea to the fullest extent by spending the weekend in dorms and dining in food service.

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