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'Boys Next Door' Explores Societal Challenges of the Mentally Ill

Tom Griffen's play opened Friday night, April 30 at the Jelkyl Drama Centerís mainstage. The play is a comedy with an important message intertwined with jokes and hilarious moments.

A scene from 'Boys Next Door"

Jonas Friddle, a senior theatre major was the director of the play, and the production of the play was a part of the senior theatre project. Jimmy Besseck, Chris Hayes, Thomas Evans, Brent Lovin, and Clinton Hines portrayed the leading roles. Clinton Hines, an alumnus of Berea College portrayed Jack Palmer, the caretaker of the mentally ill men living in an apartment. Hayes, Evans, Lovin, and Besseck each depicted a mentally ill character, and the story circles around the struggles of each character. The play demonstrates the stress and turmoil that the character Jack Palmer faces in dealing with the challenges of his job.

The play is a reminder of the difficulty involving social work. Through the personal stories of each character, the audience can understand the respect due to the unappreciated mentally ill and those who work in the field. The play will continue until May 8, 2004 at 8 p.m. For ticket information, contact the box office at 859.985.3300.

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