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Fighting for workers' issues, alumnus James Thindwa featured on PBS

James Thindwa heads Chicago Jobs with Justice, a coalition dedicated to issues such as the "living wage" and the right for workers to organize.

James Thindwa (left) marches at the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta

"I'm a community organizer because I believe that people need a voice. They need to have institutions that speak for them institutions through which their own concerns, their grievances, their interests, can be represented," says Thindwa. "Your average person is getting up every day to go to work and to care for a family doesn't have a lobbyist in Washington. They don't have a lobbyist in the city council. They don't have a lobbyist at the state legislature." - Mill Moyer's Journal on PBS.

Thindwa appears in the video at the 2:08 mark.

- Image courtesy of Jobs with Justice.

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