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Larry Sabato speaks at convocation

Nationally known political analyst Dr. Larry Sabato presented his case to the Berea College community about why politics is a good thing.

Larry Sabato

“Politics is essential to the functioning of a democratic republic,” he said, and emphasized, “You can’t have a functioning republic without a big dose of politics at every level.”

With over 20 books and numerous television appearances, Sabato has made his name known for being actively involved with trying to get the American public interested in politics.

In his speech Sabato also made a few predictions about America’s political system. He said that by 2040, demographic trends in the U.S. will heavily favor one of the two main political parties. Sabato predicted that America’s two-party system is likely to become “a-party-and-a-half system” because of the current demographic trends.

After the lecture students chatted with him in the Phelps-Stokes Auditorium Green Room about the importance of politics. “Politics is what makes democracy responsive,” he told BC-Now!.

Sabato’s most recent publications are A More Perfect Constitution, a book that proposes 23 amendments that should improve the Constitution, and The Year of Obama: How Barak Obama Won the White House.

Sabato has worked as a professor at Oxford University, Cambridge University, and the University of Virginia, where he won all of the major teaching awards. He is director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, and runs the Crystal Ball website which makes predictions about political races across the country.

Cosponsored by the Political Science Department, Sabato delivered the 2009-10 Begley-Van Cleve Lecture. The Begley-Van Cleve Lectureship was established by Southern Methodist University professor Roy R. Ray and emphasizes the importance of learning how politics work.

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