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BC Student Brings Hip-Hop to Campus

BC student and recording artist Christopher Hayes hosted the first ever "Hot Chocolate Soul" as part of an independent study project, on May 11, 2004 in the McGaw Theater.

Hayes; Creator and Performer at Hot Chocolate Soul

Haye's independent study included setting up his own record label, Za Za La, Inc. "Hot Chocolate Soul" gave Hayes the opportunity to showcase some of the music appearing on his album "Cream and Sugar." The show also featured theatre and dance, lyricism, poetry, and the beats and rhythms of hip-hop music. This was the first time that a hip-hop show has came to the McGaw Theater, and Hayes saw his show as an opportunity to introduce the campus a different type of music. "Contemporary music styles are still music styles and they require tremendous work as would classical or chamber music," comments Hayes.

This project is just a part of what Hayes hopes to accomplish in the coming years. Hayes says, "Right now I'm putting together a social outreach program that will be dedicated to bringing the arts to earlier ages. I want to eventually help out those music departments in grade schools that are failing due to under funding." Hayes is also working on a Northbeat Scholarship that would provide brand new instruments to schools.

Next year's show will feature a different artist to allow students around campus to showcase their talent. This event was sponsored by the Theater Department and the Black Cultural Center.

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