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Berea basketball registers historic homecoming win

Women and men's basketball teams blew out their opponents, Ohio Mansfield, in a record-shattering homecoming night victory (119-43 – Women, 151-75 – Men).

The Mountaineers completely dominated the competition.

The men's team beat five records and tied one record with a score from 1986. The records were: the most points scored in a half time - 76, the most points scored in a game - 151, the most rebounds in a game - 83, the most assists in a game - 33, and the most field goals made in a game - 66.

Unlike past years, the Lady Mounties played the first homecoming game. Right from the jump, they opened up to a 12-0 run against Mansfield within the first three minutes of the game. The ladies held Mansfield scoreless for the majority of the first half until they finally scored their first buckets.

But that didn’t last for very long as the Mounties continued their impressive play, holding their opponents to only 18 points and as they placed 69 points on the score board, leaving a 51 deficit between them at halftime.

Just within in the first half, the Lady Mounties outdid Ohio Mansfield in every category. The Lady Mounties made it nearly impossible for Mansfield to get the ball across half court as the ladies soared over their opponents with a lop-sided difference of 30-7 turnovers and 22-1 steals.

Despite the 20-point loss the night before against Walsh University, and the inability of senior starting point guard AnnBruce to play due to a shoulder injury, the ladies came out with one intention – defeating their opponents.

The astonishing play persisted into the second half. The Lady Mountaineers didn’t allow Mansfield to score until the five minute mark. By the end of the game, everyone on the team had received minutes on the floor and everyone had scored. Seven players scored in double digits and the game was led by freshman point guard Tiffany Yates with 10 points, 8 assists, and 5 rebounds.

Assistant Coach Brittany Thomas said of the girls' play: “I’m glad our squad had a chance to show the homecoming crowd that we can score points and play defense.”

Coach Terence Brook commented, “Our team played well together. We are able to gain confidence in our young players and we actually made shots. We gave a good team effort, played with a lot of heart, and the seniors showed a lot of leadership that others fed off of.”

The Men had their way as well with their opponent. The Mountaineers came out strong, immediately scoring off of three dunks.

For the first play of the game, Micah Tuner was fed an alley oop from Rudy Evans for the slam. Right after, for the second play of the game, Rodney Goodson threw one down off a steal and Chase Wofford followed up with the third consecutive dunk.

The Men continued this style of play throughout the remainder of the half. At halftime, three players had scored in double digits and Micah Turner had finished with five dunks. The Men had broken the record for the most scored points in a half by a men’s team with a whooping seventy-five points, holding their Mansfield to only 35 points.

Just as the Ladies did, the Men came back out on fire in the second half. They continued to play aggressively and put points on the board play after play. Everyone on the bench got an opportunity to contribute to playing time.

At the end of the game, eight players finished scoring in double digits, with the team being led by junior point guard Kevin Burrus, who had a double-double with 21 points and 11 rebounds and an additional six assists. The Mountaineers set another record for the most points scored in a single game with 151, holding their opponents to 75, creating a 76 point deficit.

“We completely overmatched them," said Burrus after the game.

"I like how we came out and didn’t judge our opponent based on observation. We came out and played the way we were supposed to and that’s why we were able to have as much success as we did.”

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