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Recorder Ensemble Presents Recital

"Sumer is Icumen In" was a concert of instrumental and vocal music by the Berea College Recorder Ensemble on Sunday, May 16, 2004.

Recorder Ensemble is presenting their talents to the audience

It began at 3 p.m., and everyone was invited to a reception following the recital. The Recorder Ensemble members are: Krista Bowker, Naomi Carrick, Amy Frothingham, Jacquelyn Hostler, Sonja Ruegg, and Atossa Kramer (director). These members played the recorder as well as other instruments. Krista Bowker and Sonja Ruegg each sang a solo with the ensemble. Amy Frothingham played the guitar and drum. Sonja Ruegg played violin. As a senior music major, Naomi Carrick had planned to do senior voice recital; however, because she incorporated her singing into the Recorder Ensemble Recital. Naomi Carrick, Catherine, and Angela sang "Ave Maria" by Andrea Gabrieli Then Naomi sang two solos accompanied by Jami Anderson. She was joined by Sonja on violin and Amy on soprano recorder for the song "Under the Greenwood Tree."

After the recital, many audience members gave compliments to the performers, especially to congradulate the two seniors, Naomi Carrick and Jacquelyn Hostler. All of the members are music major, except Jacquelyn Hostler. She is a physics and mathematics major, who was also a member of the soccer team. "This is the first year that the Recorder Ensemble has had a recital like this out of the my four years playing with them, " said Jacquelyn.

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