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Lady Mounties end undefeated run of top conference team

Feb. 6: The women’s basketball team conquered the women of Indiana Southeast and marked their name in an illustrious victory, 58-53.

Lady Mountaineers triumphed over Indiana Southeast, ending their undefeated season.

The Lady Mounties played their hearts out to pull off a well respected win over the top team in the Kentucky conference, thus ending Lady Grenadiers’ undefeated season.

The Mounties started the first half in a bit of a slump, only scoring one point in the first five minutes and allowing #32 from the opposing team to get off to a great start with seven straight points. However, a turnaround came once point guard Tiffany Yates scored five straight points, gaining an assist from Katie Bailey, who then scored five straight points. At the first timeout, the score was 12-17 with 12:53 remaining.

Following the timeout, the game became a bit stagnant as neither team scored within two minutes. The stillness was broken as a free throw was hit by the opposing team. And as a follow up, Annbruce Madden set the tempo getting fouled, scoring, and topping off the free throw shot. Right behind the free throw line Berea forced two straight turnovers with their intense defensive pressure. Guard Heather Hutchins got a steal, which converted into a layup. The gap was now narrowed to 17-19.

The Lady Mounties’ momentum would not be brought to a standstill, thanks to guard Ashley Sumpter who followed the possession with another steal, and Tiffany who scored to bring it to a tied game, 19-19.

The Lady Grenadiers put a momentary pause to Berea’s run as one of their girls hit a deep three-pointer. However, guard Ebony Inskeep restarted the momentum by grabbing two consecutive offensive rebounds and scoring each time. Two more back-to-back steals were committed by Tiffany and Annbruce, who gave Berea their first lead of the game, 25-24 with 4:26 left in the first half. Right out of the timeout Berea forced another turnover and Annbruce took a charge, putting an additional stop to IUS.

At the end of the half IUS went on an 8-2 run, at which point Coach Terrence Brooks called a timeout with 1:14 remaining.

The girls ended the half 27-32. Although they were down, Berea had much to show, costing IUS 15 turnovers and committing eight steals at the end of the stretch.

The Mounties came into the second half with the same drive and intensity of the first half by committing a steal and gaining two points from the conversion in the first play of action. The following play Annbruce forced an offensive foul by taking a charge, turning right around causing a deflection and near-steal.

At the 15-minute mark Berea had regained their second lead of the game, 36-34.

After gaining the lead, Berea went on an 8-3 run. Ebony committed the first block of the game and Berea forced the only shot clock violation of the match. Forward Emily Hinkson added to the fire, hitting her first three-pointer that forced IUS to call a timeout with 10:53 minutes left.

Senior leadership advice was given in the huddle by Annbruce who encouraged her team:“Use the shot clock. Take advantage of each possession.”

Annbruce’s advice was heeded as Ashley Sumpter came down to drain a three straight out of the timeout, which created a nine-point deficit for IUS at 48-39. But IUS didn’t let up. They made a run and bridged the gap to two points at 48-46, with 8:34 minutes to spare. Berea stretched the lead back to 52-46.

As time winded down and the game drew to a close with Berea on top, a player from the other team hit a clutch three with :49 to decrease the lead to five.

A dispute erupted between officials and the Berea coaching staff on whether IUS should be penalized for calling a timeout without having possession.

When all was said and done, Berea clenched the day 58-53.

Coach Brooks commented on the team’s success: “Today we took care of business. We showed that we can beat anyone in our conference. We executed and did what we needed to do out there.”

Assistant Coach Kyle Pasley added his remarks: “We know we can beat anyone out there, but we just have to play like it. We needed to play aggressive defense out there and we did tonight.”

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