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ASSIST Awards International Students

Rui Gao, Ni Ji, and Jolene Wee were all selected to participate in internships as result of the ASSSIST program.

The ASSIST program is administered by the Institute of International Education sponsored by the Freeman Foundation. The program secures summer educational allowances to students of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam who are enrolled in US colleges or Universities and taking part in US-based non-profit internships.

Rui Gao from China will complete a ten-week program at Vanderbilt University as a biomedical research assistant. Ni Ji from China will participate in an 8-week program as a biomedical research assistant at the University of Kentucky. Jolene Wee from Malaysia will complete a 9-week program through the Shepard Poverty Alliance with the Civil Justice Network as a law intern.

The award recipients receive an educational allowance of $375 per week for the length of their internship. Their programs have a minimum of 25 hours per week in which the students will serve the community through non-profit internships.

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