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Berea to triple KCTCS transfers, extend application deadline

April 6: Officials from Berea College and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System announced an agreement to increase the number of transfer students able to attend Berea College and to extend the enrollment period for this initiative until April 30, 2010.

Berea College and Kentucky Community and Technical College System announce partnership.

The agreement, informally called “The Double Triple,” refers to the commitment by both KCTCS and Berea College to tripling the number of transfers at their institutions as a show of solidarity in service to the Commonwealth and as part of the “public and private institutional partnerships” encouraged in HB160. Representative Carl Rollins, sponsor of the recently passed House Bill 160, attended the event.

At the signing ceremony held at historic Boone Tavern Hotel of Berea College, President Shinn stated, “Berea College has a long history of providing opportunity to diverse and underserved students of great promise and limited economic means, particularly from the Appalachian region. In keeping with our institutional history as the south’s first interracial and coeducational college, we seek to promote this transfer program to a broad and diverse cross-section of KCTCS students with a special focus on the identification of African Americans who meet the admissions criteria identified by Berea College.”

KCTCS President Michael McCall stated, “KCTCS is partnering with Berea College [in this agreement] to facilitate the seamless transfer of KCTCS students to Berea College. The agreement will provide a structure that will allow for KCTCS students to transfer academic credit to Berea College and to successfully continue on their path to a baccalaureate degree. We are extremely pleased that House Bill 160 has been approved by the state legislature. This revolutionary transfer bill fixes many of the problems students have experienced when they try to transfer credit from KCTCS courses to public four-year universities in our state; and it encourages partnerships in Kentucky with private colleges and universities.”

As President Shinn pointed out, the agreement also supports one point in Berea College’s recent strategic planning: “Berea’s goal of increasing the number of transfer students follows the lead of our recent scenario planning process. In response to a changing external landscape, Berea has made an institutional priority of admitting more transfer students as a way to serve the Commonwealth and the region by meeting a growing need while remaining consistent with Berea’s mission,” Shinn stated.

“We appreciate this formal agreement with the KCTCS, and note that such a public/private partnership would have been considered highly unusual just a few years ago – and serves as an indication of a new age for higher education both within the Commonwealth and across the nation. In this era of economic challenge and change, it is time to think anew and remove unnecessary barriers to those persons desiring more education to equip themselves for fuller lives of work and service," he added.

“We are proud of the African-American Transfer Initiative component to this agreement that will encourage African-American students to attend KCTCS and transfer coursework to Berea College,” McCall stated.

“This initiative helps to support KCTCS’ strategic goal to expand diversity and global awareness as well as facilitate transfer and it supports Berea’s historic mission of educating African-American residents of Appalachia,” said McCall.

The African-American Transfer Initiative will begin as a pilot between KCTCS and Berea College for transfer applications for admission in the fall 2010-2011 academic year. The pilot program will begin in spring 2010, and will focus on facilitating the transfer of African-American graduates, particularly from central Appalachia, from five KCTCS colleges to Berea College.

The five colleges are: Ashland Community and Technical College, Big Sandy Community and Technical College, Hazard Community and Technical College, Somerset Community College, and Southeast Community and Technical College. As part of this pilot, Berea will accept African-American students from KCTCS who fulfill the qualifications and criteria for the program and admit them to Berea College for the 2010-2011 academic year.

President Shinn pointed out that transfer students are “satisfied customers,” based on results of Berea’s Student Satisfaction Inventory. The current transfer students report that Berea College offers adequate financial aid; that Berea’s financial aid counselors are helpful; that as students, they are able to grow intellectually and personally; and that the quality of instruction is excellent.

In addition to the two presidents and Representative Rollins at the public announcement, others participating in the ceremony were Representative Lonnie Napier and AIKCU President Gary Cox, who were acknowledged for the longstanding dedication that they have shown to education throughout their careers. Also attending were presidents and representatives from Ashland Community and Technical College, Big Sandy Community and Technical College, Hazard Community and Technical College, Somerset Community College, and Southeast Community and Technical College.

Tim Jordan, Berea College Public Relations
(859) 985-3020
Teena Hammond Gomez, Kentucky Community and Technical College System
(859) 256-3219

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